Strength of a Buffalo and the Mind of a Jedi

No one talks about how hard it is to be you and do what you do.

No one talks about how much work goes into your type of work. 

It’s not all love, light and the lovely rainbows flying out your ass. 

It is hours and hours of clearing, conditioning, grounding, cleansing yourself, self care, healing within, writing, tracking your progress, taking action, helping others, getting results for yourself and others.

It’s evolving your mind, stretching your mind, it’s pushing your body to see what it can do.

It’s the countless hours of meditation everyday, inspiring others, inspiring yourself. 

It’s movement of the physical body and taking care of your body temple, eating well, breathing deeply.

It’s the conditioning of your entire system.

It’s not all about “loving” yourself and just being “kind” to others.

It is much more than that.

It’s massive dedication and commitment to yourself, your life, and to what you are creating in the world. 

It’s for our world. 

It’s intense. 

The inner work of being you, is being ALL of you. 

Your time, your energy, your involvement, your experiences.

It’s all of your losses, loss of family members, loss of friends, pets, divorce, heartbreak, decluttering, letting go of material items, isolation, not trusting and trusting simultaneously. 

It’s not all about “forgiving” yourself or others.

It’s not all about just “release let it go” or “release what no longer serves you.”

It is much more than that.

It’s hours of countless visioning, vocalizing, planning, and mindset.

It’s hours of working hard, playing hard and creating a nice balance of always staying curious.

It is so hard to be you, and to just “be” you.

You are your own internal compass, so where are you going?

How hard are you?

How soft are you?

How loving are you being?

How stubborn are you being?

Shining through all the clutter of this dense muck is hard.

Hard times make us stronger, Hard times make us wiser, Hard times make us more independent. 

Good times make us vulnerable, Good times make us grateful, Good times make us more loving, Good times make us more able to give.

The key is in the balance of all this. Work hard, play hard, receive hard, give hard. 

Always learning, growing, evolving through the good times and the bad, through all the sickness and the health. 

When we remember that the light needs the dark as much as the dark needs the light, there is a grace that washes over us. There is a sweet still voice that whispers our name if we listen real close. It calls us home to ourselves, to our heart, our imagination, our passions, to bring out more of our radiance, our unbridled wild and our crazy.  This all brings out a true sweet balance of who we truly are. Perhaps, it’s who we have yet to find and or meet?

The key is in the balance.

When we open to the magnitude of who we really are, our soul-self, 

We are the strength of the Buffalo and the mind of a Jedi.

Do you believe?

Do you believe ion yourself?

In Gratitude,

Corina Angela





© 2022 Corina Angela

© 2022 Photo by Corina Angela




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