Thoughts of Form 

When one fosters an intellect so pure of thought and form, going inward to placate the distractions is ominous. 

It forgoes any right or wrong doing and all is left with movement of thought and damnation.

When we try and replicate a thought pattern or a form of matter, it will always lose. For form is timeless and in every moving sequence.

The trick is to not over complicate or over think. Imagination was meant to fly and be free and to feel every turn.

Within every second and every step, when one puts thoughts in a prism or a prison, the jaguar begins to pace and the furry begins to well up into the rage.

When the imagination is free to wander and roam, it becomes who you truly are, pure thought and thoughtless, the intentions of pure totality.

The mind of thought never seizes to amaze.

Be in the amazement of your thought, be the hawk high in the sky, be the eagle eye that one is, be the all of the all.

Be not imbued by worrisome thoughts of fear of indifference. 

Stay in the wonderment of the intrinsic curiosity. For in the curious mind of thought, of imagination, lies the pure genius of oneself, unencumbered by anything. 

For thoughts are things. Things become the reality from within then we see without, we see the all, we see all around us. 

We then understand everyday, the magnitude of who we are and who we become.

We hold fast to our connection, we see way beyond the mind of thought, of form, of matter. 

We see way beyond the beauty of the stars, we see the beauty in the totality of the whole, even in the pure nothingness of infinity. 

We see the brightness of pure potentiality, within the vast darkness of infinity, we can see the luminous light. 

This is what we bring in, for this is who we are. 

In gratitude,

-Corina Angela – Trine Healing


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