Join Corina Angela and Heather Felty as they walk you through your uniquely customized Soul Writing Program that takes you from beginning to Soul Book Author in 16 weeks!

Step in now!



* Motivated to Clarify Your Intention
* Desire to Create Your New Path 
* Commitment to the Outcome 
* Devotion to Your Soul Truth 
* Passion to Share Your Soul Story
* Excited to Start


* Still Drawn to Serving Others
* Would Rather Follow Others
* Scattered Intentions 
* Feeling Unworthy
* Scared to Share Who You Are
* Holding Back Your Soul Story

What is Soul Writing?

It is writing with clarity, flow, and intention to bring forth the truth of your soul.

How will you write your Soul Story?

Commit to yourself to write your SOUL book in four months, from start to finish!!

Learn simplistic methods to connect immediately to your SOUL and watch the words FLOW!

Greet your SOUL’s Wisdom, your Higher Self, and Spiritual Guides who have been calling you to write your unique soul book. 

Why do you need the Soul Writing Program?


>> Do you have support to write your Soul Book?
>> Do you have a personal accountability plan to complete your Soul Book?
>> Do you know what to do with all the notes you’ve written in your journal?
>> Do you have confidence in writing your Soul Book?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you are in the perfect place! We understand how hard it is to get past doubt and the fears holding us back to share our soul stories.

Who will help you through this Program?

We, Corina and Heather, are your Soul Collaborators!  Over the last few years of co-collaboration, we have each written our soul books, and through the reflection of our individual work we created the Soul Writing Program especially for you.  It is a new path to welcome you home to your soul.

We will share our trials and tribulations, fears and doubts, starts and stops, limitations and liberations, while writing our own books in order to support you on your individual journey to complete your soul book.

We learned that writing a soul book doesn’t need to be overcomplicated or take a long time. It can be very simple. We have the solutions and how tos to specifically show you how to simplify the process of writing your soul book.

If you are currently:

  • Accumulating endless sticky notes about your book,
  • Shelved your book after countless hours of writing it,
  • Afraid of what others will think or say,
  • Worried that your story isn’t “unique” enough.
  • Going through the highs and lows of the starting and stopping of writing your book, or
  • Nearly (or already) completed it and now what?!

.. this is the program for you.

Heather and Corina at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado, June 2021

We will share with you what has worked for us and what hasn’t!

We will show you how to use these four key components to write and publish your Soul Book.

Month 1:
The MIND Connection

Create a foundation to build daily habits and a sacred space that will enable you to clear and release resistance to rewire neurons for creating your writing flow.

Month 2:
The BODY Connection

Tap into and incorporate your new soul writing lifestyle so you can dedicate and be devoted to your soul work.

Month 3:
The HEART Connection

Flow in your own writing rhythm as you connect to your heart wisdom, your truth. Gain an intense trust of your heart to gain crystal clarity and self love. 

Month 4:
The SOUL Connection

Stand firmly in your power with confidence to share your authentic voice through your soul book. 

What support will you receive?

You will receive:

  • Exactly what you need for exactly where you are at.
  • A unique writing program created specifically for YOU to write your soul story with ease.
  • Consistent meetings with Corina and Heather to keep you on your track. 
  • Clarity to overcome your writing obstacles.
  • Accountability to meet your specific writing goals.
  • 24/7 access to tools for your self discovery. 

The End Result? Your Published Soul Book!

How do you apply for your Soul Writing Program?

The Soul Writing Program was created for individuals who are ready right now to complete their Soul Book. 

Even if you don’t know what your exactly story is…  

  • Do you have a personal story or a soul experience that will inspire and help others?
  • Do you want to write a how-to manual or a reference guide to support others? 
  • Do you want to share your communications with your higher self? 

Simply fill out 3-minute application, and set your intention to complete your Soul Writing Program.

Within 24 hours of submitting your application, you will be invited to a Zoom Interview with Corina and Heather to commit to publish your Soul Book. Take action now!

When do you start the Soul Writing Program?

After your Zoom Interview, you can start right away!!

Corina and Heather will help you transfer your Soul Book from your MIND, connect it into your BODY, feel it into your HEART, integrate it into your SOUL, and then share it with the world.

Commit to yourself! Start your process today by clicking the 3-Minute Application button. 

Any questions? Email corina@trinehealing.com

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