Corina Angela

Corina Angela is an Author, Transformational Healer, Visionary Contributor and Teacher of Soul Conscious Awareness.

She receives and translates information from ones who have crossed over, non-physical dimensional beings and frequencies that she receives from divine higher consciousness as the receiving bridge of streamlined information. 

Since the age of five she would telepathically and clairvoyantly see and feel a multitude of energies, connect deeply with animals, nature and fall asleep outside under the stars. She thought everyone shared her experiences, untill she relaized that her friends didn’t understand what she was sharing with them, she quietly turned to writing in journals as a way to navigate and utilize as a tool to write down her experiences, thoughts and feelings.

As a teenager Corina was drawn to everything and anything metaphysical.  When she met her first Spiritual Mentor Betty Bethards, life for Corina would quickly change.  She immersed herself into a 7 year intuitive studies and commited herself to learn all that she could. She delved into deep meditational practice and expanded her awareness in deep silence.

From there forward at age 16 she was guided to experience her first sweat lodge,  learned shamanic healing practices, journeying, astral travel, lucid dreaming, and bio-location, to name a few.  She opened herself to it all, to learn, expand and understand the unexplanable.  From meeting her galactic family at age 9 in the middle of the night in a pixilized formation of energy, to experiencing a near death experience where she met her guardian angel, to transforming her body loosing 50 lbs within 6 months and then given the iniation call of deep healing at age 28 after being diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in her body.  She took it head on, listened to her guidance and healed herself within 1 week. She was 100% cleared 3 months later. Moving forward a few years later, Corina would give birth to 4 beautiful boys, all natural, all healthy, within a 5 year span of time.

She began to understand miracles and the truth of who we truly are.

Corina has spent the last four decades wildly curious, busy exploring, learning, traveling and developing her abilities to share and connect with others who are eager to listen, learn and ready to heal.

As she learned more about herself and her abilities to connect with higher beings, angels, and a plethora of soul galactic guides, she learned that these guides would be with her for the rest of her life.

It wasn’t until Edgar Cayce, (a pioneer in past life regressions and known as the sleeping prophet) and Gladys Davis Turner, (who was Edgar’s right hand and left hand assistant and confidant) who connected in with Corina back in 2019 while she was in a deep meditational trance, that she was asked to begin to write down her daily dialog and experiences that she would encounter that would turn into several books, workbooks and teachings.

In January 2021 Corina created Trine Healing, for your Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul to share and teach a new Soul Conscious Awareness bridging Health and Science for our new world.

Certifications & Healing Modalities:

Reiki Master 

Medical Intuitive

Transformational Healer 

Automatic Writer & Author

High Frequency Channeler 

Frequency Flow Intergration w/Movement

Mediation Teacher

Frequency Activations 

Shamanic Practioner

Sound and Visionary Healer

Chakra Clearer

Prenatal Massage Therapist



Amazing.  Accurate.  Accommodating.  Corina’s Intuitive Soul Guide Session was full of key information to help assist in making important decisions and knowing paths to take that would be essential in my life.  Corina is so kind, trustworthy, private, receptive and devoted in offering guidance.  She has been given an incredible gift of the ability to hear, see and understand messages from our divine world that she is able to pass on to you.  It was so easy to talk to her.  Everyone can benefit from learning about their purpose here on earth and receiving guidance.  Thank you Corina!!!

Jennifer B.

Reiki Master Teacher, Colorado 2015

Corina is an absolute genius at helping you to uncover your spiritual gifts and apply them in your business. She is passionate and conscientious, working with Corina you will be blown away by how much you can progress by tapping into your own intuition. I’d highly recommend working with Corina if you are ready to take your life and business to the next level by harnessing the greatness within you.

Julia Fearon

Business Coach 2018

Corina Angela is amazing! She helped me tremendously giving me specific information and tools that I can use in my everyday life for myself and my family.  Thank you so much!

Kathy J.

Teacher, Colorado 2016

I did a session with Corina and the insights and information she was given for me, my boyfriend and my special needs son were spot on.  She did above and beyond anything I could have asked for.  She continues to “hold” my son for healing and for the first time in several years he is not in pain, he is laughing and happy.  I am truly thankful to her for listening to what she receives and then sharing it with me.  I too am seeing shifts in my life and am feeling blessed as I walk through this life with much joy and gratitude. 
Thank you Corina from the bottom of my heart!

Kathy Henry

Centennial, Colorado 2022

Corina has been instrumental in my self-discovery and self-healing.  My recent experiences have been filled with fear and confusion but with Corina’s words and her guidance, she has taught me how to move forward spiritually with confidence.  My health has significantly improved.  She understands that what works for one may not work for another.  She was able to focus on me: my questions, my health, my confusion, my problems, and developed a set of treatments and exercises designed just for me.  She is patient and caring and obviously really loves what she does.  And to watch her work with energy, divine guidance, Edgar Cayce and Gladys Turner is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.  I am a better, healthier, and spiritually happier person because of her!  Thank you Corina, again and again!


Crystal Healer, Colorado 2021

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