About Trine Healing

Who We are and How Trine Healing Came to Be:

Corina Angela began her journey of awakening between the ages seven and nine years old.  She began to acknowledge and connect with a variety of different energies and deceased family members as well as with other spirits from the other side. As she grew her abilities began to expand as she learned more about herself and her ability to connect with higher beings, angels, and a plethora of soul guides that would be with her for the rest of her life. It was when Edgar Cayce, (a pioneer in past life regressions and known as the sleeping prophet) and Gladys Davis Turner, who was his right hand and left hand assistant and confidant, who would later continue Edgar’s tireless work and his legacy of vast readings and knowledge helping thousands. When Edgar and Gladys connected with Corina back in 2018 through a random encounter while Corina was in a deep meditational trance.  She was asked by Edgar to begin to write down their dialog and experiences that they would have together. Shortly after it was asked of Corina to create and write several books for them so that their body of work and legacy would continue and bring forth what they were unable to complete while they were still alive. Corina  of course said yes after the validation was clear to her.  Within these last couple of years she has learned and discovered a wide array of information and a myriad of exercises through Edgar and Gladys of how to connect to your Soul-Self. Then in January of 2021 Corina was clearly guided to create Trine Healing for the purpose of helping people identify and heal their core issues to remove the blocks that inhibit them from living in their optimum health and well-being. 

We began to collaborate and work closely with unique Soul Collaborators who specialize in these four core areas of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. It was in February of 2021 that The Soul Writing Programwas received by Corina from Edgar and Gladys and to Co-Collaborate with Heather Felty of Inner Peace Press to bring your Soul Book to life! It is through this simplistic specific indivisualzed 4 month writing system container that your soul story is brought to life and shared with the world! 

Here is the link to find out more https://trinehealing.com/soul-writing-program/  

Whether you are trying to figure out what your next step is, connecting to your soul self, writing your soul book that will help thousands, creating your roadmap to success of optimum health or whether it is your spiritual fitness and nutrition regime that you have been searching for, healing from a broken heart or connecting to your true soul love… WE got you covered! WE co-collaborate with the best at Trine Healing!           

Our Four Core Areas:

There are four main core areas that we work with that make up the essence of your Soul-Self. They are your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. 

Through a variety of modalities that Corina is given for each individual person she is able to pinpoint simplistic specific areas of concern and lead you in the direction that will best serve you.  Our mission at Trine Healing is to connect and align you to your optimum health of well-being and to create harmonized peace and balance in your entire life.

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