Trine Sessions

                 For Your Life…

Be inspired and empowered to discover your new possibilities for health, healing, knowledge, and success.

Discover Optimal Health.  Experience Healing.  Expanded Awareness. Inspired Innovations.  








Trine Akashic Reading

45 Minute Trine Akashic Reading

$180.00 USD

Discover and be provided with guidance, answers and inspired next steps on your road to healing and success. Gain insight through your Akashic Soul Records.  Receive clarity and your Soul-Truth.

Trine Health Session

90 min to 2 hr – Trine Health Session

$375.00 USD

In this 90 minute to 2 hour session, you will be provided with clairty, gain wisdom and discover your well-being. Receive the answers you need to be empowered with new ways to transform your health.


Trine Business 

45 min – Trine Business Session 

$180.00 USD

Through your Trine Business Consultation find and discover new possibilities through your expanded awareness. Gain knowledge, clarity, new insights and wisdom with inspired action and new innovative ideas = your results.