You want to create change in your life.

You want to let go of the past and what no longer serves you.

You are ready to say yes to your life.

You are ready to discover and expand your amazing gifts.
You desire to learn more about the elements, energy work and the divine feminine
You are ready to step into your power
You are ready to step into your leadership
You are on a mission

This is the time to say yes to your calling!
Give yourself this life changing experience.

Peru is a country with a long cultural history.

Even after so many centuries and globalization, many traditions have survived of the aboriginal peoples. Peru has a great variety of ecosystems, creating an amazing biodiversity. We invite you to taste the high vibrational cuisine, medicines and experience our traditions so that your abilities and leadership awaken within you.

This special pilgrimage includes healing ceremonies, exploring ancient sites and embracing your leadership and light.

An amazing guided tour of Machu Picchu, the Crystal City with Rubén, former head archaeologist of the sacred site and our beloved Shaman.


Enjoy several sacred ceremonies, including San Pedro that will allow you to open your inner self and be able to integrate your abilities.


Peru is known as the original energy of Pachamama (Mother Earth), some consider this the Kundalini. We will visit sites that allow you to connect to your Kundalini energy, heightening your vibration, along with expansion of all your abilities.


We will visit Aguas Calientes and experience the world-renowned sound healer, Jordan Heberth for a sound healing ceremony.


Time for integration, energy readings, massage, creating your own sacred rattle of sound, experiencing vortexes and much more.


We will explore the salt mines of Maras and Inca concentric platforms of Moray


Many group discussions with Corina and Rubén as we explore the energies of your truth, feminine and masculine power and the mind, body and soul of your leadership.


Connect with like hearted friends and answer the call to create transformation in your life and the lives of others.


10 days of in-depth ascension, 10 days of vibrating at a higher frequency that will allow you to embrace your truth.  On this sacred journey, you will know and honor your ability to embrace the leader that you are.

Spend 10 days with Corina Angela and Rubén Orellana as you overcome any obstacles and finally allow your divine feminine and masculine leadership abilities to flourish. It is time!

Explore Multidimensional worlds, the landscape of the Inca Empire, breathe in and immerse yourself in the magic of one of the most mystical and mysterious places on earth.

10 days in Peru to experience one of the most powerful places on the planet on this once in a lifetime adventure.

This is the time to say yes to your calling!

To experience The Bridge to Enlightenment and Leadership ™ .

This unique and sacred opportunity, will take you on an amazing journey, deep into your soul. For  10 days you will experience extraordinary ecosystems that led to the unusual development of the Andean man. You will learn and participate in the ancient and holistic traditions still practiced today. You will bring home this powerful lifestyle and experiences that will nurture and enlighten your soul in the most powerful ways.

Heal your mind, body, and spirit.
Saying yes to yourself, is saying yes to your leadership in this life.

Meet Corina Angela a Light Leader who assists and supports all levels of awakening and ascension. She is a transformational energy mentor and shifter who creates and holds space for others to expand their abilities. Her mission is to help and guide others to understand their amazing abilities to connect to their highest good and to answer the call for leadership.

Corina Angela is the creator of sacred gatherings, an author, alignment reiki master, healer, transformational mentor for children and adults, claircog writer and energy painter, medical intuitive, shaman and channel of lights.

It is Corina’s honor and privilege to explore and experience The Sacred Land of Peru with you. She is here to support you on all levels of your amazing journey.

Former head archaeologist of Machu Picchu, will expertly guide our exciting adventure. Ruben Orellana has been an external consultant to the National Institute of Culture in Cusco, Peru and was Director of Andean Shamanic Journeys. Dr. Orellana’s career as an archaeologist culminated with his being named the Head of Archaeology at Machu Picchu, where he discovered 44 new sites surrounding the Crystal City, including the North Inca trail.


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