October 18 - November 2, 2018

Peru is a country with a long cultural history.

Even after so many centuries and globalization, many traditions have survived of the aboriginal peoples. Peru has great variety of ecosystems, creating an amazing biodiversity, we invite you to taste the cuisine, medicines and traditions, so that your wisdom awakens within you.

This special pilgrimage includes healing ceremonies, exploring ancient sites and expansion of your wisdom and remembering.

An amazing guided tour of Machu Picchu, the Crystal City with Rubén, former head archaeologist of the sacred site.

Enjoy 10 ceremonies including 2 San Pedro and one Ayahuasca ceremony (all ceremonies are optional)

Peru is known as the original energy of Pachamama (Mother Earth), some consider this the Kundalini. We will visit sites that allow you to connect to your Kundalini energy

We will visit Aguas Calientes and experience the world renowned sound healer named Jordan Heberth

Time for massage, reflexology or coca leaf readings

We will explore Tucume, home of 22 ceremonial pyramids

We will walk the jungle floor to observe the flora and fauna. Boat the Amazon River to observe gray and pink dolphins.

Lots of group discussion with Angela, Corina and Rubén as we explore the energies and opening of your wisdom.

Connect with like hearted friends – Soul family.

16 days of ascension, 16 days of vibrating at a higher frequency on a sacred journey to the core of your inner being.

It’s time to reconnect with your higher self, with your natural divinity, with that power within you that you’ve been suppressing just to get through each day. Give yourself an opportunity to fully heal from the mundane everyday hectic life. Experience a magical rebirth, taking your self back to your perfect form you lived in before you closed off your energy to the magestic world.  Spend 16 days with Angela Blaha, Corina Angela and Rubén as you overcome the obstacles of your past and finally allow your divine wisdom within you to flourish.

Paco of Despacho Ceremony

Explore Multidimensional worlds, the landscape of the Inca Empire, breathe in the magic of one of the most mystical and mysterious places on earth.

16 days in Peru, one of the most powerful places on the planet. This is a unique opportunity, a rare chance to take a 16 day soul journey, soaking up the extraordinary multiple ecosystems that led to the unusual development of the Andean man. Learn about the ancient, holistic traditions still practiced today, and bring home this powerful lifestyle that will nurture your soul. Heal your mind, your body, and your spirit on this once in a lifetime spiritual adventure.

But this isn’t for everyone. The radical changes you’ll experience, the healing that will reverberate through your body, the magic that will flow through you is so powerful, you have to be ready….

This soul journey is so intense that you’ll return home a completely changed person. Your spirituality will be fully awakened, you’ll be open to miracles you never believed were even possible. You’ll feel fully alive for the first time in your life. You’ll experience a sense of magic every time you inhale and remember the mystical air of Peru.

You’re ready to change your life.

You know it’s time to raise your vibration.

You’re ready to take your spirituality to another level.

You’re ready to heal and fully activate the divine within you.

You crave a powerful sense ofwell-being.

You’re ready to experience magic that doesn’t seem possible outside of fairy-tales.

You’re prepared to truly feel alive in a way you never have before.

October 18, 2018

Arrive in Lima  (Jorge Chavez International Airport) Stay in Hotel Limaq.

October 19, 2018

Travel to Cusco, have lunch and then                                          on to Urabamb to rest and                                                            set intentions for pilgrimage –Hotel Iorana Urubamba

October 20, 2018

Offering to Mother Earth (Despacho ceremony) Explore Pisac and learn about the pre-Inca Lunch & shop Urco (Huanca ceremony – connect to Mother Earth) Back to Hotel – Hotel Iorana Urubamba

October 21, 2018

Killarumiyoq (connect with feminine energy)                        San Pedro ceremony (intention to open senses and connect with nature) Picnic Eucalyptus steam – Hotel Iorana Urubamba

October 22, 2018

Travel to  Machu Picchu Tour Machupicchu and explore Evening Hot Spring (rebirthing ceremony) – Hotel Inti Classic

October 23, 2018

Options:  Huayna Picchu Machupicchu Stay in Machupicchu town After lunch we visit Jordan Heberth (sound healing) Travel back to Urubamba (Saint Peter – light of darkness healing)(San pedro Ceremony) – Hotel Iorana Urubamba   

October 24, 2018

Rest in morning After lunch we Travel to Cusco – Hotel Munay Wasi Inn   time for private massage, reflexology, coco leave readings (extra charge applies)

October 25, 2018

Travel (fly) to Trujillo, the city of eternal springs explore Huanchaco (beach of El Pacifico) and the Chan Chan (city of mud) and the Historical center of Trujillo – Hotel Palmeras de Huanchaco

October 26, 2018

Today we explore El Brujo site (blossoming bath ceremony) and the city of Chiclayo – Hotel Casa de la Luna

October 27, 2018

We explore Tucume site (22 ceremonial pyramids) Bravo Family and partake in a (cleaning ceremony) retire for the evening – Lodge Horcones de Tucume

October 28, 2018

Enjoy a lazy morning Explore medicinal plants with local healers We will visit the Royal Tombs Museum (Lord of Sipan – Machica) and visit the local markets of Chiclayo – We will explore plants, perfumes, amulets, healing supplies – Hotel Casa de la Luna

October 29, 2018

Fly to Lima and continue on to Iquitos Boat to lodge on the Nanay River and explore the amazing jungle.  Later in the day we will visit with local healer about Ayahuasca – Heliconia Lodge

October 30, 2018

Boat the Amazonas River to observe gray and pink dolphins. We will swim and exfoliate skin with Amazonas mud, then we will walk through jungle floor and in the evening there is an opportunity to experience an Ayahuasca ceremony (Optional) – Heliconia Lodge

October 31, 2018

Experience discussion In the afternoon we will visit an indigineous community, the Yaguas community Star & moon float on Amazon – Heliconia Lodge

November 1, 2018

Bano De Florecimiento experience  (morning shower with water prepared by local healer) After breakfast we will boat back to Iquitos and free time to explore the city. Hotel Victoria Regia

November 2, 2018

Fly to Lima Market and dinner and prepare to Fly home

Double Occupancy

Early Bird


After July 1, 2018 – $ 6720.00

Single Occupancy

Early Bird


After July 1, 2018 – $ 7270.00

* Not Included:  International Flights, Alcoholic drinks, tips, personal spending

Meet Angela Blaha, a creator of unforgettable experiences.  Angela is a consciousness mentor, who focuses on helping people find clarity of purpose, inner peace, life balance and a deep connection to their soul-self. Angela is the author of Show Me: How to Remember Your Power Through Self-love and forgiveness and bestselling co-author of The Grandmother Legacies.  She is a channel, speaker and mentor.

Corina is a transformational coach and mentor for children and adults who are searching for their soul purpose in life. Her mission is to help guide people to connect to their highest good and understand their own amazing gifts. Corina is a writer, reiki master healer, transformational mentor, medical intuitive, sound and shamanic practitioner, and sacred gatherings creator. It is Corina’s honor and privilege to explore and experience The Sacred Land of Peru with you. She is here to support you on all levels of your amazing journey.

Former head archaeologist of Machu Picchu, will expertly guide our exciting adventure. Ruben Orellana has been an external consultant to the National Institute of Culture in Cusco, Peru and was Director of Andean Shamanic Journeys. Dr. Orellana’s career as an archaeologist culmintated with his being named the Head of Archaeology at Machu Picchu, where he discovered 44 new sites surrounding the Crystal City, including the North Inca trail.

“The trip to Peru for Mark and I was truest magical. We had a blast! As a biologist, the biome changes from 14000 feet to sea level were amazing. It was fantastic seeing the ecosystems change. The spiritual journey was eye opening and something that has changed our lives. Studying the history and archeology that Ruben taught was a wealth of knowledge as well as one of the most personable people we have ever meet. I would recommend this journey with Angela, she was so informative about this magical land and created a group that has become lifelong friends. Call me any time if you would like to hear more. This was the most memorable trip Mark and I have ever been on.”
Donna & Mark, SD. ~2017

“Peru…. You hear about Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Amazon Jungle, etc….but not only did I experience these places and many more, but I got to feel the energy and learn about the history of this amazing land with the group that Angela and Ruben led. The ceremonies and the people we met were just amazing in opening up my eyes to what we don’t normally see. My most mind-blowing experience was seeing the Ley Lines. A trip to Peru is a must for anyone who is walking the Spiritual Path that wants an awakening. Not only do you have an amazing journey but you meet your new soul family.”
Sandra C., SD. ~2017

“Peru has a so much to offer a traveler, moderate climate, extraordinary views, incredible food and heart centered Peruvians. Going on a spiritual journey to Peru is profound, the energy is pristine and powerful. The experiences we were offered, everything from sound healing, water re-birthing, plant medicine, to name a few all added to a life changing and engaging experience.”
Jayne E., SD. ~2017

“When I said YES to Peru, I said YES to my life!”
Corina W., CO ~2017


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