When Spirit Drives

Been a whirlwind lately, downloads epiphanies, testing abilities. I went out driving yesterday had my list of what I needed to do, focused. Spirit guided me to drop “the list” and go hiking, I did. I needed nature as much as it needed me.

As I walked the Colorado trail, viewing the majestic mountains I found a small trail I had never traveled before walked an hour, tired I found a bench, sat down and cried. Tired of this all. Slowly calmed down, closed my eyes and started to journey. 3 Indian chiefs came walking up, I started to cry again. The middle one said “take a deep breath, no rush” and I asked the name of the middle one he said Geronimo. They sat down 2′ in front of me. Geronimo got up and placed a leather necklace around my neck with a 1″ size door made out of tree bark, where the doorknob would have been was hollow and I could see right through. I started to cry again, he said “take a deep breath, no rush” so I ask what can you tell me about all this? He said “knowing” my look to him was, “well I know what’s happening.” He reached out his hands, placed them on my face and said “look here in my eyes.” When I did I could look right through his eyes and could see everything. He repeated to me “knowing, clear knowing.” Yes I got it… I started to cry and release. All three Indians bowed, as I thanked them. Grasshoppers were everywhere, I could hear them chirping all around. One hopped up and touched my right cheek, I was startled and opened my eyes. There were indeed grasshoppers everywhere, with varies colors under their wings, I was in awe.

I chose 4 rocks that I was drawn to, as a reminder of my visit. I walked another hour in amazement and gratitude.

I researched and found that Geronimo was a very powerful medicine man and shaman. A great leader and warrior 1829-1909.

Grasshoppers totem spirit meaning- take leaps of faith and trust your intuition.

Later that day I walked in to my kitchen and took a second look at my screen door.. Ah a very large grasshopper was perched at the very top of the screen door, reminding me once again.