The Geronimo Initiation – When Spirit Speaks

It certainly has been a whirlwind lately.  Downloads, epiphanies and testing abilities. You name it, it has been happening in my life.

While driving yesterday in my car, I had my list of what I needed to do and I was focused. Out of the blue spirit guided me to drop “the list” and go hiking, I listened and I went. I needed nature as much as it needed me.

I found myself at a near by Colorado trailhead, parked my car and began to walk. I love the majestic mountains of Colorado, they are so soothing to me and feel them as if they whisper to my soul.

I found myself walking on this small trail I had never traveled before and ended up walking on it over an hour. My body was tired and instantly found a stone bench, sat down and cried. Tired of this all. Slowly calmed down, closed my eyes and started to journey deep within. I had been learning and practicing shamanism since my first sweat lodge initiation back when I was age16. I always loved to journey out in nature, something magical and amazing always seemed to transpire and was brought into fruition.

I closed both my physical eyes and took in a few deep breaths. Three Indian Chiefs appeared before me and began to walk towards me.  I started to cry again. The middle one said “take a deep breath, no rush.”  I asked the name of the middle one that was standing less than two feet in front of me. His reply was  “I’am Geronimo.”  I felt instantly calm. All three men sat down two inches in front of me. I continued to breathe deeply.

Geronimo raised up from his sitting position and placed a necklace around my neck.  The necklace was made out of leather with a small one inch sized door that was made out of tree bark. As I looked down at my unique hand made bark necklace, I noticed that the doorknob on the tree bark door was hollow and when I looked at the hallow space I could see right through it and saw the most amazing open sea. I started to cry again. Geronimo said “take a deep breath, no rush.” He spoke in the most loving and gentle, yet firm tone I have ever heard. I took in a deep breath and my entire body was filled with calm and security.

I proceeded to ask Geronimo my question. I asked “What can you tell me about all this?”  All he said was “Knowing.”  I gave him a look back, like “Well I know what’s happening.” Then I had a rush of not knowing. Geronimo reached his hands out towards me and placed them on my face.  Then he said “Look here in my eyes.”  I raised my eyes to greet his eyes. When I looked deep into his eyes, I was amazed. Seconds later I realized that I was able to see right through his eyes, I could see everything beyond his eyes, through his eyes. It was memorizing. I could see the Colorado mountains, the clouds, the sky and all the birds flying about. Geronimo repeated to me “Knowing, clear knowing.”  Wow, yes I understood clearly now. I was able to see through the eyes of Geronimo’s soul.

I started to cry once more. I felt the deepest of gratitude.

All three of the Indian Chiefs raised up and stood before me and bowed to me. I bowed in return and thanked them. Within seconds all three of them were gone. I continued to take in a few more deep breaths, to center in and to ground my physical body into the stone bench where my physical body was still sitting on in my lotus position.

Still deep in my journey, (my deep state of meditation) I continued to view what I saw all around me. I could see grasshoppers everywhere and I could clearly hear them chirping away. Then all of a sudden a grasshopper hopped up and touched my right cheek. I was actually startled and opened my eyes. To my surprise when I opened up my physical eyes I looked out in front of me and there were 100’s of grasshoppers everywhere, I was in awe. What had just transpired through my journey experience, I was now physically feeling and seeing with my own two eyes and seeing these grasshoppers all around me confirmed my experience. I was amazed. I touched my right cheek where the grasshopper had been. Perhaps it was a nudge from the grasshopper to open my physical eyes or a gentle sweet kiss.

I looked down to the ground and instantly I was drawn to four rocks. I picked them up and placed them in my pocket, as I reminder of my experience today. I stretched out my body and stood there looking out towards the Colorado mountain’s and thanked the universe for this experience. My heart was filled with so much love and deep gratitude.  I walked back down the trail within an hour and still in awe of this experience.

I arrived back at my house, later that day.  I walked into my kitchen and looked up and over to my sliding glass door. There seemed to be something on the upper right of the screen door. I walked up to take a closer look. To my surprise, what was perched on my screen door was a very large grasshopper. I had never seen a grasshopper perched on the screen door like that before. I felt a calm rush over me. It was certainly a reminder and confirmation of what I experienced today. What an amazing day.

I was curious to know more about Geronimo since I didn’t know a lot about him. In my quick search, found that Geronimo was a very powerful medicine man and shaman. He was also a great leader and warrior in the 1829-1909. I also looked up what the totem spirit meaning was for grasshoppers and found that they represent taking leaps of faith and to trust your intuition.

I now understand the full meaning of my shaman name I had been given by two different shamans that I am to embody and integrate into my life. Shadow Light, Spirit Eyes – Seer through the eyes of beloved Souls. I am deeply grateful.

In Gratitude,

Corina Angela 

Shadow Light Spirit Eyes


© 2022 Corina Angela



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