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CAPITULATE: to cease resisting, to surrender

Random words pop into my head every day. I usually write about these words in my daily journal. Although,  today the word Capitulate seemed to be more significant for some reason. So this morning on my morning walk, I thought more about this word and was guided to write a blog.

It is interesting how one word or a few short words spoken from another person can turn your life around for the better and leave you tingling inside or they, of course, can send you spinning down the rabbit hole.

The beauty of language is so unique and yet we all take it for granted every day. We chose to use harsh words in the moment and never stop to think of the ramifications that they will have on another human being. Negative words can redirect one’s soul into fear and hurt, leaving them devastated in a mere second. What if we were more cognizant and made a pack with ourselves every day to be mindful of the words we choose to speak to other’s and to ourselves? What if today we could choose a word or a few short words to say to someone that would touch their soul on the deepest level possible?  What if we chose an inspiring word at the precise moment and shared it with someone who needed to hear it? How would their day change? How would our feelings change?

Capitulate. What are we resisting anyway? How great we really are or can be? What are we surrendering to? The dark rabbit hole perhaps?

Years ago when I was living in Amsterdam, I was walking down the Herengracht one day, I was feeling a bit depressed, missing California, and overwhelmed with my new life in the Netherlands. This gentleman walked passed me and said, “You are so lucky,” as he continued to walk past me. I heard him loud and clear and continued to walk down my street. In that split second all my previous thoughts of sadness, yearning for what I did not have were gone. I immediately thought about all the things that I was lucky and grateful for. Those few words, from a complete stranger, changed my thoughts throughout my day.

Yesterday, when I was in a very raw and vulnerable place emotionally, at the perfect moment the precise words came through to me from a dear person I barely know. Although I share a deep connection and feel like I have known her for years, these words have changed me. “I see you,” she said to me. Typing this out I am flooded with emotions and cry every time I replay these words in my mind. These 3 words have rocked my world. The power of words.

What will you choose to say today to create change in someone else’s life? Will it be words that uplift the soul or will you send someone spinning down the rabbit hole? What words will you choose to think today? Will they uplift you and make you feel amazing or will they make you feel deflated?

You have the power to choose!

The power of words.



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