So for the last 2 days, I have had this song in my head “Send me an Angel” by Real Life. One of those songs you just can’t get out of your mind. I took my dogs to the dog park this morning, one we have not been to in quite some time. It’s a mile loop, with wide open space and it was crowded. We were on the second round and the song popped into my head again, so I started humming it. I thought, “Okay send me some angels, right now.” I look up in the sky and there was this huge wing span left to right with edges that actually resembled wings, with a spectacular center energy, the clouds were spectacular. It was stunning, I stopped in my tracks and watching and listening. I didn’t care if anyone was looking to see what I was staring at up in the sky. All of a sudden I saw literally thousands of speckles of white light dancing around, I just stood there in awe. I have seen them many times before, but never like this. My little skeptical mind I thought “oh just shut your eyes, something is in them,” so I did. I closed them for a few seconds seeing the darks of my eyelids. As I reopened my eyes the speckles were still there dancing all around, there were thousands of them. I continued to look up and saw a beautiful hawk flying way up in the open sky and I just watched how graceful he flew. I looked around to the left and spotted 2 more hawks. All three were flying together at this point. The cloud formations were changing, but not losing the original shape. I checked in with myself. What was I feeling? Ah ha, so much love, comfort, and light. When I looked around the dog park, everyone had left but one golden retriever. He ran right up to me sat on my feet and as my hand reached out to pet him I received a huge shock. Wow, what a day! My dogs were ready to go at this point and so was I. We started heading back to the car and as I  walked I was filled with extreme gratitude.
When we approached the car, of course, I happened to look down and there in front of me was a beautiful black and white feather. It has a special place on my altar now, in remembrance of a very special day.


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