When Children see Spirits in Colors

A great list of what these colors may mean to them, to help them understand the colors

Red – passion, power, anger, lust, strength.
Pink – love, compassion, self-love, joy, gratitude.
Dark Blue – psychic ability, psychic vision, premonitions, prophetic dreams.
Light Blue – peace, tranquility, serenity, healing, kindness, psychic awareness.
Yellow – intelligence, mental clarity, alertness, open mind.
Orange – stimulation, action, energy, creativity, productivity.
Green – growth, knowledge, earth connection, vitality, health.
Violet – high spirituality, third-eye awareness, spiritual wisdom.
Purple – magickal ability, manifestation, creation, alchemy.
White – protection, angels, purity, source, spiritual clarity.
Silver – Goddess energy, lunar energy, star energy.
Gold – God energy, solar energy, planetary influences.
Black – protection, absorbs negativity, shielding, camouflage.
Brown – animal healing, earth healing, earth connection, tree wisdom.

Rainbow spirits are a lovely compilation


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