In 2017 I was asked to go to Peru. I had always wanted to go to Peru, as there was something that I was very drawn to and knew I would go. Over the years I would cut out Peru pictures for my vision board and everytime I would look at the pictures, my heart felt a calling to go.

So when I was asked to go on a trip to Peru in 2017, a very long and drawn out “YES” came out of my mouth, as if in slow motion. I knew right then, I had answered the call and didn’t know quite what I had said yes to.

I said yes, not even looking at the itinerary or doing any research. I didn’t even know anyone else that would be going on this particular trip. The alignment began. It would be a month and a half away that I’d be leaving for Peru. Time seemed to flow. I made a short list of things to do. It became effortless. The money appeared to pay for my trip and my airline ticket. Half the “To Do’s” were checked off my list already! I needed to renew my passport, ahhh I panicked for a moment. I expedited my passport thinking I would not receive it in time. I found out later that there was no need to and I would have received it in plenty of time. I dove into trusting myself 100%. There was something much, much greater than me, making sure all was taken care of. I picked up a few things at the store that I was in need of and started packing for my 15 day trip to Peru. I told my family 2 weeks before I would be leaving. With a bit of shock, it wore off quickly and I arranged for care for all my four boys. I made sure all was taken care of, schedules, laundry (you name it) and I included my lengthy typed out and printed my “To Do List” for all of them. This I would leave for my family so they would know what to do. The “To Do List” was never read! They were already taken care of, including my dog’s. My trust grew deeper. All was being taken care, all was in alignment.

When the day came, my Uber pulled up to take me to the airport. I hugged and kissed my family goodbye. I got into the Uber waved goodbye to my family and cried all the way to the airport. I knew that my life would never be the same. My life would change in every way imaginable and it did! Beyond my wildest imagination.

In the year that followed would be the most miraculous changes in my body, my mind and my soul. Looking back now I would have paid 10 times the amount, it was absolutely priceless. Incredibly humbled, honored and with the deepest of gratitude, now knowing when I said yes to the call, I said yes to myself and to my mission!

So when I was asked to go back to Peru this year, I quickly said yes to the call and stepped in to Leadership. It is time!

I am here to help lead and join with other divine light leaders to create, expand and to help others understand and embrace their highest good. For the highest good of all.

Answer the call! Say yes to your calling! Say yes to Peru!


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