Do we truly want to help others?

Is it in our hearts to truly help each other? Do we help without even thinking of it? Do we reach out to others just because? Are we authentically reacting to the deepest core of our humanness and give without expecting something in return? Do we reach out only in times of sadness?

I have experienced so much over the course of my life. I have experienced the givers that want something in return over and over again or the pretenders that put on a great show then quickly fall short to reveal their personal agenda. The ones who want the bigger bank account and say they want to help you succeed and then drop you within a blink of an eye when the going gets a little rough. They promise the moon and the stars, that they themselves have never come close to. The embellishers, the exaggerators, the promises that can never be delivered, from false starts and no solid foundation of integrity.

The givers that truly help without a blink of an eye are the compassionate souls that can change your life in an instant, at any given time. They give you the encouragement or support when you need it the most. These are the souls that will enrich your life and rise you up, they may even save your life. These are the ones who when they cross your path are sometimes the soft-spoken ones, the unusual ones, they exude an energy that feels good, safe, trustworthy and different. Pay attention to them, explore their depths. You may be in for a very nice surprise and be open to the ride of your life.

When you live from compassion, it is your love for others that propels you forward and your desire to bring something forth in that other person that they can not see for themselves. You wait patiently knowing they in time will bloom. You are their light in their darkness. You are not consumed by thoughtless words, meaningless promises, money, gossip, ego or greed. They simply have no interest to you, there is so much more out there, so much just waiting to be explored and tapped into, there is no time for the other side.

Perhaps today a kind word, a gesture, a story you share, a clear message, a soul connection you come in contact with today will change your life forever or perhaps you will be the person that changes someone else’s life, and you won’t even know it. You don’t need a reason, a sad post, a hidden agenda, you reach out, just because.

What kind of mentor or person do you want to be in this world? What is your legacy you want others to aspire to? What is your destiny? What is your imprint on our world?

Do we truly want to help others or just say we do?


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