What is Tree Transference?

What is Transference in general?

On September 16, 2018, I was guided on an experience with an amazing Pine Tree that told me very clearly what this all meant. I had never experienced this sort of transference before and I’m very excited to experience it again. Let me share with you all what Tree Transference is and or what it seems to be.

I woke up on a Sunday morning eager to go on a hike. With many obstacles in the way of picking up children and a few detours, I finally reached my destination and started my hike in the mid-afternoon. It was extremely hot outside, my body acclimated, while my dog Stella accompanied me willingly. After about an hour of hiking, we decided to stop and find some shade. We walked up towards this pine tree and huddled under it for its shade. Stella quickly laid down to rest. I too sat down and rested upon one of the pine trees large roots protruding up from the earth.

As I rested I began to breathe deeply and fill my body with fresh air. Within a few moments, I closed my eyes and focused on my breath. I felt my breath shift Immediately, I started deep breathing into my base or root chakra, filling it up entirely. It felt relaxing, although with this intense sensation. I actually felt that I was breathing from my base or root chakra and not from my lungs or even from my diaphragm. Throughout my years of working with breath, breathing exercises and working with energy and chakras, this was different. I continued to focus on this amazing energy moving through my body and enjoying the sensation.

After a few moments, I opened my eyes and continued to breathe normally. I stood up and walked towards the pine tree with both of my palms facing towards its trunk. I placed my hands on the trunk of the pine tree and began to deep breathe once again. I gently asked the tree if it had anything to say or teach me. I quickly emptied my thoughts, closed my eyes and listened. All of a sudden, I saw and felt these red slats of energy moving all throughout the tree, they were in a form of elongated, almost rectangular shape. It was energy moving up and down the trunk of the tree and then I noticed it was moving all throughout the tree and down into its roots and its surroundings. It felt amazing. The tree was totally alive.

The tree revealed to me that he was a male. I quickly connected that the energy and color of this tree was red, the same color that was at my base or my root chakra as I was guided to deep breathe just minutes earlier. The dots were connecting for me and the information was very clear. I kept my hands on the tree and as the energy kept moving up and down, in a split second the red energy slats started to move through my right palm of my hand and began to travel up my forearm to my shoulder into and across my heart center and out through my left shoulder, down my arm, forearm and then out the palm of my left hand back into the pine tree. It felt warm and tingly and very much alive.

I held my palms to the tree trunk for a few more minutes, invigorated by this amazing energy. I then was guided to bring the left palm of my hand up to my throat or throat chakra. As I held it there I could feel the same energy pulsating into my throat. It felt tingly and soothing. Before my hike, my throat was bothering me. It felt tight, almost stiff as though I had slept on it wrong the night before. I continued to hold my throat for a few minutes then released both of my hands and stepped away from the tree. “Wow,” I thought as I moved my neck around feeling no stiffness in my neck at all. I gratefully thanked the pine tree as I took a few steps back and started to leave the woodsy area.

I was told that this was Tree Transference. I kind of shook my head, not knowing what that was and then it was repeated several times. Tree Transference, ah I got it! I immediately understood that what I just had experienced was Tree Transference of healing and energy. What an experience. I quickly pulled out my phone and recorded everything that had just transpired. After I finished my recording I was drawn to look back at the tree one last time and guided to take a picture as a remembrance. I went to take the picture and as I raised up my phone I saw the beautiful sunlight cascading down with its rays into a marvelous cloud formation right above the same pine tree. I captured the moment. It took my breath away.

Well, you know where I will be again this weekend, yes with the trees, researching, exploring and connecting to share this amazing information with you all.

Perhaps we all can look to nature to connect more, to feel more, to listen more.

Deepest of gratitude,

Corina Angela


© 2022 Corina Angela

Photo by Corina Angela


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