July 22, 2022

No There Is No Master Plan  

I just heard loud and clear and I didn’t even ask the question.

It’s an everyday symphony that is played by the register of your coherence. 

It doesn’t matter where you are, how far you have come.

It is within the presence of your life, your breath of your life, all of life like a silloque.

When we sing and dance to our own breath, we create all in which we are. 

When we are in sync with our breath we are in sync with our own coherence, we are in the awareness of our entire life, as to where we are and where we are going. 

We continue to rise, we continue to breathe in deeper, we begin to expand the awareness of our self. 

When we are still, we greet the breath, when we are in silence, we welcome our breath.  

When we recognize the true alignment of our own unique cohesion understanding within, 

we breathe the life of creation without, to create the symbiotic register of resonance into our life and create our unique symphonic of absolution of zero degree.

From the core, from it’s center, from your center of your core, when we operate from this, all life transforms.

In all shapes, sizes, colors, in all the elements, in all the fundamentals, in all its glory, in all it’s hammonized resonance, it begins to flow in the lyrical sway of the trees, the galaxies, the blades of grass, to the seas.

It’s the spiral of the evolution of all the perplexities that cease to exist. 

This new creation in which holds the key, is symbolic of the unlocked door to run or tip toe through. 

It is your gateway, your passage, your call, your synergistic flow of your own, 

on your less or non traveled path.

With every breath, with every step taken you are in the Mastery of your life. 

So you see there is not a Master Plan.

It is the one you seek and it is indeed inside of you.

The Master Plan is you….

In Gratitude,

Corina Angela 

Reflections of the Light

© 2022 Corina Angela



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