All wounded souls become enlightened. It is the way to our transformation, our evolution as humans.  We will always seek the light when we are in our own darkness and we make the choice to surrender deep.  When we surrender deeply into our own darkness of our mind, body, heart and soul what do we see? What do we hear?  What do we feel? What do we think? Through our senses, we surrender deeper.  We surrender into not only our shadow sides or our “Dark Night of the Soul,” it goes much deeper than this. 

Deep surrendering is at the core of the sacred wounds of the soul.  It is because of this that our deepest wounds lead and guide us to our own Enlightenment.  When we reach the deepest surrendering of our darkest wounds, we submerge into our connection of ourself to re-remember. When we re-remember our sacred wounds that we have kept from our world under lock and key for so long never revealing to anyone, there is an opening.  Sacred wounds are buried deep inside our bodies cellular mememory, where unconciously we begin to create a new facade, a new mask, a new evolution of the inauthentic self.

Our sacred wounds never go away, they are a part of our history, a part of our lineage, a part of our ancestry, all a part of us.

If we don’t surrender and dive into our sacred wounds, we will carry them inside and with us for generations to come. And as time goes on they accumulate and we become overwhelmed. Our communities become disconnected, discombobulated, our systems break down, chaos becomes ramped.  We are at war with ourselves.

How do we stop this war inside ourselves? We deeply surrender into our sacred wounds to re-remember them. We let them move through our mind, our body, and our heart so that we can heal them for our own evolution.

We all can learn how to heal our sacred wounds.

We all can heal our ancestries’ sacred wounds that have been carried forth from past generations.

We all can learn how to deeply surrender into our own sacred wounds, so that we can be free and at peace deep inside ourselves.

When we can surrender into our deepest wounds, we unlock our destiny of Enlightenment of our true authentic soul.

From our wounded soul, we become Enlightened.

In Gratitude,

Corina Angela


© 2022 Corina Angela


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