Deepening The Light 


So what is it to live without the other?

Within the meaning of matter and spirit, let’s explore a little deeper.

The matter within the spirit and the spirit within the matter can not be that from which is has not. Just as light from light, true God from true God, begotten not made the light needs the dark. Dark therefore needs the light. Inseparable just as matter and spirit, dark to the light, light to the dark. Perhaps different words, same meaning. 

When we beg to differ due to a word, we utilize that word as the catalyst inside the matter. The soul of the matter, the soul of spirit, the core of the first existence.

The interference always comes about when we scrutinize that very same word at face value, instead of regarding the essence of its core. What is the core of its essence?

To get to the core of the evolution of its true meaning, one would need to forgo the shadow and deepen in the light, perhaps one would find all the answers that one seeks.  No more seeking, stretching, evolving. It has always been right there waiting to be discovered. 

With breath work, closing the physical eyes to connect within and then expand outward to go where no man/woman has gone before is essential. When one is evolving into its truth of the “natural state”  the bridge becomes shorter in length and shorter in time span.

The on and off switch soon does not exist. There simply is no switch at all.  It is commingling. It is the “ONE.” 

ONE of spirit and matter, the inseparable finally has come home to its self, to its Soul-Self and repeats this fractal new patterning, of not only perception but a new philosophy, a new stature of being, a new complex of a new doctrine that is so needed in this society of manifested change. 

So what say you? What say me? What does this all mean?

I believe and have experienced when we dial into our nature, our natural flow of existence we cannot stop the flow of the manifestation of absolute creation. It is what the journey is all about = inner and outer, joined together. 

Merging together, becoming one into the other, the other into the ONE – Spirit into Matter, Matter into Spirit. 

In my experience they become closer and closer.  It is the vitamin E to your bones, the oil to your physical body’s machine. They can not live without the other, yes inseparable. I see them as Soul to Soul, Soul-Self to Self-Soul, the inseparable lovers, the inseparable science and life of optimum health, peace and happiness. Perhaps, the most amazing love story of all time. Matter and spirit together at last.

The Love Story of real life…a new story of the evolutional truth of Spirit and Matter reunited for eternity. The real life Love Story, your story to explore the new fractal patterning of the “ALL” together as ONE unity, ONE consciousness, ONE of the ALL, the ALL of the ONE.

Perhaps, this is all of our destiny, our mission, our sacred garden to be the ALL connected?

To dance the fluid dance of life in every respect, in every inch of our entire being, each and every moment of our days, weeks, months and years here on earth?

What if this is our plan? What if this is as simple as we create it?

What if it “IS” all this?

What if it “IS” the ONE in the ALL? 

Maybe, just maybe, it “ALL” is extraordinarily simple?

Maybe, we dilute it and have been diluting it with unnecessary words creating all the detours? All of our own detours? 

Perhaps, it is the detours of all the pain, the sadness, and loss that brings us back to our source?

Perhaps it brings us back to our center and our own sanctuary to re-calibrate, to re-center, and to re-focus, so we can create a new fractal patterning? 

What if we reconnected and realigned with spirit within our own matter over and over again everyday, until there is no re-connection needed or required, because there was no disconnection in the first place?

Something to ponder…

In Gratitude,

Corina Angela


© 2022 Corina Angela

Photo by Corina Angela


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