As I took my walk this morning Tula made herself present. 

I kept repeating her name Tula, Tula, Tula. I had not referenced this name, nor experienced this name before. I asked the question of who this Tula was, and why I was hearing her name. I heard her say, “to feel,” so I did. 

I continued to walk on my path this morning, during my morning walk in the Colorado trail system. I looked around and it was just extraordinary. So beautiful. It was magnificent the way the clouds laid overhead, the fresh air, the mountain range, the beautiful trail, the crisp clean air that I was breathing in. 

I felt it. I was feeling every moment. I was feeling it all and I felt Tula. I felt Tula moving through my body. 

She said she was breath. So I was breathing in Tula. I asked if she was my guide, a new guide, perhaps? There was no answer. Then I heard, “just continue to feel.” So I continued to feel Tula throughout my entire body.

I stopped walking for a moment and I could feel her, Tula beneath me, beneath my feet. I could feel her in the earth. I could feel her connected throughout the soil, throughout the depths of the earth and connected to all things. She was connected to everyone and to everything.  

As I stood there in the middle of the Colorado trail with my physical eyes closed, my body began to sway. 

I asked another question with my body and mind, “who is Tula?”  I knew she was female. She felt female. She felt like me and then I heard, “Tula is a part of me, Tula is me, Tula is you!” I continued to listen.

“Tula is incredibly, ancient, very old, wise, connected, connected to the all, to the all of the source of the all of the one.” 

I opened up my physical eyes and continued to walk on my trail again, breathing in deeply, exhaling gratitude. I continued to feel the movement of Tula, the breath of Tula, everything is Tula. I took another deep breath in and I felt light. I felt empowered. I felt powerful, in a very positive way. I asked Tula a question,  

“How can I help? How can I serve? What can I do to harmonize the Earth?”  

“Help humanity,”  I heard.  

Help humanity? and my first thoughts that popped up in my head was, “Wow, that’s a big task now, isn’t it?”

Then I heard, “Release it and let go, walk with your breath, walk with Tula, be Tula, you are Tula. Everyone is Tula, everyone is connected.” 

I took in another deep breath and continued to walk. I saw a large hawk overhead, I saw beautiful birds flying in and out. I could see their flight patterns, I could see the beauty in them and through them, I could see their frequency, I could feel their frequency. Continuing to breathe into this rhythmic flow. I was experiencing the walk of this  effervescent flow and the fulfillment of my soul of how I could help humanity.

I asked again if Tula was my guide, no answer. I asked again, if Tula was my new guide. No answer.

Perhaps I am the guide? Perhaps, Tula is me. Tula is in everything. Perhaps Tula is you? 

What if we could all search and find Tula within? 

Perhaps, we would have all our answers that we are seeking. As the beloved saying by Rumi “What you seek, is seeking you.”  and perhaps it is.

I kept repeating her name  Tula, Tula, Tula and I felt her presence even stronger. 

As I continued to walk on my path, enjoying every moment, enjoying every second of my excursion, enjoying the fulfillment in my heart that I felt. I asked for guidance again, I asked for the momentum to keep the momentum going. I asked for the willpower, the strength and the wisdom, the perseverance so that I can share it with others.

Perhaps it’s through my voice? Perhaps it’s through this writing? Perhaps it’s through this activation of frequency? Perhaps it is through sharing my experience of Tula today? Perhaps it is expressing what Tula wanted to say? Perhaps it’s letting go of all the filters of all the doubt and the fear of the release of what no longer serves you, what no longer serves the earth?  What no longer serves me, what no longer serves Tula? I welcomed it all in. I welcome this beautiful energy all throughout me and I stopped walkin once again on my trail.

I could feel the frequency of all this energy, of all these questions. There was this vibrancy moving through the earth and up through the centers of my feet. Up throughout my body. I could feel this surge of energy rushing up, through, up and up and up. 

When I noticed it reached my arms, within seconds, I raised both arms up into the sky, and immediately the energy moved back throughout my body, down through my arms and back into the earth. It felt like this ebb and flow of yin and yang energy, a clear balance. A clear balance of what I thought to myself. 

Perhaps Tula? 

I took a couple of deep breaths in and released and received. I felt a deep sense of gratitude, of the highest of light, the highest of love, the highest of honor, the highest of respect for our earth. 

I thanked the universe for everything. I am thankful for this flow, this frequency of balance of space and time. I honored each step that I took and felt vibrant.

This feeling of peace and calm washed over me and through me.

I thanked Tula.

Thank you Tula,
Thank you.

May this experience of Tula that I share with you now, carry you to your next step. May this story inspire you to take your next leap of faith. May this empower you and enlighten you on your way today. 

May this energy comfort and support you and may you find Tula within and all around you.

In Joy and Gratitude,

Corina Angela



© 2022 Corina Angela

Photo by Corina Angela


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