December 1, 2022

What if…

There were new possibilities in our everyday lives?

What if…

There were new ways of creating what we desire?

How can we expand our awareness and hold space for our new creations or new technologies? 

How can we align with our inner passions of our inner compass?

Do we merge with our own cohesive coherence and share the knowledge with others? 

Do we understand frequency? 

Do we connect with different waves of frequencies? 

Do we simultaneously connect into the silence in-between each wave of each frequency? 

Let’s explore…

Every second we are fluctuating, we are in movement, from matter, to space to the physical form.

What is the common thread?  The golden key?

What if…

We can travel through sound, through the physics of sound? 

What if…

Sound is a simple wave of light or matter and it flows like a molecule?

What if…

The flow of molecular sound created matter? 

Sound is movement and can penetrate anything. Sound can connect anything. 

Sound interference is the opening, transference of the energy of itself.  Fractal nature of each scale is a unique decrement of curiosity.

How curious are you? What level are you wanting to explore? What are you willing to expand on your level of understanding?

If there was darkness, then light, then sound, then symbols, then a language, then thoughts to superconsciousness, subconscious to preconsciousness to the conscious mind as depicted, what are we to explore from all of the different variants?


What if…

Thoughts are things and we are in control of our thoughts? 

What if…

We can train our brain to do whatever we wish, if it is in our best interest for the greater good for others?

What if…

Our deep passions to create and heal the world is the very essence of our core existence?


What if we have access to all of the information we so desire, is accessible to us all of the time in a nanosecond?

In gratitude, 

Corina Angela


© 2022 Corina Angela


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