December 1, 2022

What frequency are we tapping into and what frequency are we carrying? 

In my experience of the Harmonic Egg a few weeks ago this solidified my understanding of the variance of frequeinces that we can experience in everyday reality within the physical body. 

Holographic principles of the polarity in my expereince in a physical form, I now comprehend.

Not only with space traveling by sound, by traveling through the sound it brings it down to the micro level.  The slighestes adjustment catapults you into that space. Meaning the environment that you are in, surrounded in or submerged in. Any polarity and velocity, with variance equal to the three, equals the change with or within the size and shape. Pockets of energy can change every second adhearing to its environment. That’s why space matter can change in a nanosecond. 

So what is frequency transference? 

I’m going to share with you an experience that I had a few weeks ago on December 1, 2022 with the Harmonic Egg. If you have never heard of the Harmonic Egg it is a sound and light therapy for your entire body that can restore, heal, calm, and align your sympathetic nervous system, better known as your flight or flight system. The music that is played while you are sitting in a comfortable chair in the middle of the Harmonic Egg, is a beautiful rhythmic dance of music that has been carefully composed to connect with any physical issue, or ailment that your body is experiencing in that moment.

Here I am sharing my experience…

For the first five minutes I felt tense and a little stressed. I began to deep breathe, talking in a few deep breaths as I closed my eyes and allowed the music to move through my entire body. 

I began to scan my whole body and asked myself these questions. How does my face feel? How do my shoulders feel? How does my chest feel?  How does my stomach feel?  And I noticed my torso felt really tense, so I just continued to deep breathe and listened to the beautiful melodies playing.

I felt an instant shift in my body, specifically within my heart center. My heart felt very light and open, and I just felt really good. I was completely relaxed and allowed myself to relax even deeper into my experience. Being an avid mediator since I was a teenager I felt at ease and allowed myself  to go into a very deep meditation. 

I asked myself what was most important for me to receive or to focus on in my 50 minute session that I had gifted myself for today.

It had been about 10 minutes and with my eyes still closed and being inside the Harmonic Egg I saw a bright light come on. My first thought was that someone had come into the room where the Harmonic Egg was and perhaps it was an employee that was checking to see how I was doing.  So still in this complete relaxed state, I opened my physical eyes, just a tad to see if there was a bright light that they turned on. When I saw that there was no light that was turned on and no one was physically in the room to check on me. I quickly closed my eyes and knew something would be happening. I was excited and yet calm simultaneously. 

All of a sudden I  saw these beautiful angels come into the Harmonic Egg and surround me.  When I say angels, I saw them as energy and different frequencies, meaning I saw them in vibration and slight variances of soft colors, then no colors at all, just this soft vibrant light. There was one angel of energy that was dominant and was right in front of me and with my physical eyes still closed, I recognized her energy as Haniel, an archangel. Her energy was very vibrant, yet healing and very loving. My entire body felt light and filled with love. Her energy began to move this blue energy towards my heart center and I could see its shape as a diamond of various shades of blue light. It was breathtaking… As this energy was being drawn towards and placed in my heart center, the energy was expanding and I felt it move through my entire body and I almost began to cry. It felt serene. My body felt a deep sense of peace and harmony. Then the energy was gone. I continued to feel relaxed and still in this state of deep peace and relaxation.

Nikola Tesla came into my meditation. Niko I call him. I have been receiving, channeling or as I like to call it experiencing the transference of energy of the essence of his soul since 2020. 

I asked if there was anything that I could help with. What I heard was to focus on the structure of flight and the butterfly mechanics. I then saw in front of me this counter clockwise energy moving in front of me and then right alongside of this another energy moving in a clockwise motion. It was in a beautiful flow as if it was in flight. Then I heard it’s transcendental frequencies that are the functionality of the equation that transfers into reality, the thermodynamic of flight and of its pattering.

Gratefully humbled and extremely relaxed and vibrating extremely high after my Harmonic egg session I got into my car to head home. I was about 40 minutes into my ride home and listening to my favorite music rather loud, flowing on the highway. 

My entire body was tingling and I was enjoying the sensations that I was feeling, still extremely relaxed.  I would describe it as a deep sense of Joy. 

The next moment I looked up in my rear view mirror and I noticed this car coming up at great speed in the next lane to my left. 

My first thought was this person needs to slow down because it’s going too fast… all of a sudden everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. The car passed me quickly and tried to move into the next lane over to its right and pass a large semi truck.

The car began to lose control and swiftly tried to get in front of the semi. The semi couldn’t slow down in time and clipped the car. The car began to fishtail out of control. 

I could see everything simultaneously happening although it was still in slow motion, I was still driving at the same speed. The music that I was listening to that was really loud moments prior, I was now experiencing hearing it in a soft tone. I could see the semi truck start to lose control of his truck and wobble out of control, for a split second I could see it coming down on me and my car since I was several feet behind the semi in the next lane over. All of a sudden the semi truck shifted to course correct and realign his truck to regain control.  

There was debris flying in the air from the car parts along with a flat tire. No debris came down on my car or any other cars.

The car that was clipped began to spin out of control in a counterclockwise spiral spin and flew across the other lanes, not hitting any other cars in the process. The car then straightened up and drove backwards up a hill and stopped.

It felt like the numerous cars on the highway that day kept driving and when I looked in my rear view mirror there were several cars that pulled over to check on the driver of the car that experienced this accident.  I thought for a split moment “should I run to go check on this person or persons?” But I knew it was okay. The semi truck pulled over to the side of the highway and I did the same. For a few moments I waited sitting in my car and my thoughts were “wow what just happened?” I intuitively knew all was okay, so I waited a few more minutes and then began to head home. 

My thoughts driving home were that I still felt so relaxed and I still felt this beautiful tranquil state surging throughout my entire body. 

When I arrived home all I could think about was what just transpired? Did I just witness first hand an amazing miracle that no one was hurt and I was so incredibly grateful or did I just witness and experience the transference of energy first hand???

I felt so creative and amazed after this whole experience that I painted these paintings and wanted to share with you. This is the transference of energies that I experienced.. 

May these paintings uplift you, inspire you or give you hope….

Love and Light Blessings,

Corina Angela


© 2022 Corina Angela

© 2022 Paintings by Corina Angela


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